How to Avoid Blocked Drains in Harrow: Tips from the Professionals

Drains are an essential yet oft-overlooked part of our homes and businesses in Harrow. At their best, they’re almost invisible; silently doing their job and carrying away wastewater without you giving them a second thought. However, when drains get blocked, they give rise to a variety of problems like leaks, floods, and nasty smells. To help you avoid these unpleasant scenarios, professionals from the plumbing industry provide some handy tips for preventing blocked drains in Harrow.

1. Be Careful What You Dispose of in Your Drains:

This should go without saying, but many blocked drains occur due to careless disposal of inappropriate items down the drain. Cooking grease, coffee grounds, hair and wipes are among the top culprits. These items don’t break down easily and can quickly build up, causing a serious clog. Always dispose of waste in the proper receptacles and avoid using the toilet or sink as a catch-all waste bin.

2. Install Drain Covers:

One of the most effective ways to stop debris from getting into your drains is to use drain covers. These sit over the top of your drain and catch debris before it can enter your pipework. They’re particularly useful in showers and bathtops where they can catch hair and other items, preventing them from causing a blockage.

3. Regular Maintenance:

Even if you’re following the above tips, it’s still possible for debris to build up over time in your drains. Regular maintenance can catch this before a blockage occurs. Many professionals recommend having your drains profesionally cleaned at least once a year to keep them in top working order. This service often involves using high-pressure water jets to dislodge any build-up and flush it away.

4. Use Drain Cleaners Sparingly:

Many people resort to chemical drain cleaners to clear a blocked drains harrow slow or blocked drain. However, these can cause more harm than good if used regularly. These cleaners can corrode your pipework over time, leading to leaks and other problems. If you have a stubborn blockage, it’s best to call in a professional who can safely and effectively clear the blockage.

5. Look Out for Warning Signs:

Paying attention to early warning signs can prevent a small issue from turning into a major drain blockage. Watch for slow draining water, unpleasant smells or sounds coming from your drains, or a constantly running toilet. These are often indications that there’s an issue in your drainage system which needs attention.

6. Regular Plumbing Inspections:

If your property hasn’t had a plumbing inspection for a while, now would be a perfect time to arrange one. A professional can help identify potential blockage points and suggest ways on how you can resolve those. It can also provide peace of mind knowing your property is less likely to have drainage problems in the future.

7. Plant Wisely:

In Harrow and the surrounding areas, tree roots can be a common cause of blocked drains. They’re attracted to the water supply and can enter through cracks or joints in your pipes. Over time, they can cause substantial obstruction. If you’re planting trees or larger shrubs, be mindful of where your drains are located.

Blocked drains can be both a nuisance and a serious problem if not addressed promptly. By following these tips from the professionals, residents of Harrow can ensure their drains stay clear and working efficiently, preventing costly blockages and the undesirable consequences that come with them. Remember, simple proactive measures can save you a significant amount of time and money in the long run.