How to Prevent Blocked Drains in New Forest Homes

Drains are an essential part of every home structure. However, in homes located in the New Forest area or any other region with substantial tree and foliage coverage, there’s an increased possibility of drains blockage, stemming blocked drains newforest from the accumulation of leaves, tree roots, and other forms of debris. Utilizing preventive measures can absolutely save you from distressing scenarios involving blocked drains. Here are some useful tips to avoid encountering such issues in your New Forest home.

1. Utilize Sink Strainers: Sink strainers may seem like an insignificant item but their role is crucial. These fit effortlessly over the drain and prevent larger items from making their way down the sink and causing a blockage. Whether you’re in the kitchen washing dishes or in the bathroom, small pieces of food remnants, hair, or even plastic could easily pass through the drain, accumulating gradually to block the drain. Sink strainers can efficiently filter these.

2. Careful Disposal of Grease and Oils: Grease and oils shouldn’t be poured down the sink. When these substances cool, they congeal and can easily stick to the inside of your pipes, narrowing the pathway over time and eventually causing a blockage. An effective preventive measure is to collect these waste substances into an old bottle or jar and discard them with your household waste.

3. Regular Cleaning: Undertake regular cleaning of your sinks and drains. You can consider a mix of vinegar and hot boiling water, which is highly effective for clearing out fat residues that could potentially cause blockages. Baking soda mixed with vinegar can also act as a potent cleaner. Doing this on a monthly basis is usually sufficient.

4. Proper Disposal of Solid Waste: Solid waste such as nappies, wipes, sanitary products should never be flushed down the toilet. These items don’t easily decompose and they play a significant role in causing blocked drains. Always dispose of these items in a dustbin.

5. Managing Garden Foliage: Living in New Forest, you’re most likely surrounded by a considerable amount of greenery. While the scenery is beautiful, constant cleaning of your garden is important. Leaves, twigs, tree roots and other debris that make their way into your drains and gutters can cause serious blockages if not dealt with promptly. Regularly clear these items from your garden and keep a safe distance between your drainage systems and trees to avoid root intrusion.

6. Use of Drain Guards: Drain guards can be installed over the drain holes in your yard, or over any other exterior drain outlets to prevent debris from entering and causing a blockage. It is especially useful in places with high foliage like New Forest.

7. Seek Professional Inspection: Regular inspection by a professional can help to detect any potential problems early on. A professional drainage expert can give you an accurate assessment of your drainage health and recommend necessary action steps.

8. Use of Drain Rods: Drain rods are handy tools that can help to dislodge blockages in your drains. It’s advisable to incorporate this into your regular maintenance routine.

The inconvenience caused by a blocked drain can be easily avoided when these tips are incorporated into your maintenance practices. While following these procedures can go a long way in maintaining the health of your drains, never hesitate to call a professional plumber if the problem persists. It is always better to solve a minor issue than to allow it to escalate into a serious problem. By taking these proactive measures, you can effectively prevent blocked drains in your New Forest home.